Why Your Home Gym Needs Squat Racks

Are squat racks worth the investment? Will investing in squat racks for your home gym a good idea?

It has been seen that one of the best health investments is investing in squat racks.

How and why?


They save you money

Saving money while investing in a squat rack may not happen right away. It simply means that cancelling your gym membership because you now have a squat rack in your home saves you money. The almost indestructible material of squat racks means they will last for a lifetime. With this, it’s easy to see how you can save money when you opt to invest in a squat rack.


Lifting is safer with help from a squat rack

Presses and squats you do during barbell exercises are safely supported by a squat rack. The extensive number of holes on the uprights of the rack allows height adjustment for barbells and hooks.

This design helps you safely lift without worrying about dropping a barbell on your foot or floor. Spotting is also enhanced when you opt to go for a power rack. The four or six-column design of a power rack allows you to go inside and use the spotting straps or safety bars to catch up a barbell on a failed lift. This design ultimately protects you and the floor from any accidents happening while lifting weights.


Offers a good storage place for all your lifting gear

Building a home gym could enthusiastically make you purchase a ton of lifting gear accessories. Having a rack provides a perfect storage space for all the lifting gear. For instance, the vertical bar holders provide a sweet spot for storing barbells, pegs can be stacked with weight plates, and the j-hooks used for storing resistance bands.

The weight provided by the weight plates helps to keep the rack stay put on the floor without having to bolt it down. This allows you to move the rack to a different place without hassle as the need arises.


There’s more to squat racks than just squatting

Squats racks are aptly named for providing exceptional lower body exercises. However, squat racks offer more types of exercise moves than just squatting.

Some of the exercises you can manage to do for a simple squat rack equipment include:

  • Military press
  • Bench press
  • Back squats
  • Skull crushers
  • Front squats
  • Bent over rows
  • Shoulder press
  • And many more


Adding accessories and attachments to the squat rack can make things become more interesting. The thing is not to limit the number of exercises you can do using a squat rack.


Make your squat rack the mark of a true home gym

The mark of a true home gym is the squat rack. The flexibility of the rack allows you to do endless accessorising to enable you to do numerous forms of exercise. Going for name brands allows you a choice of customised accessories and attachments to add to the squat rack.

For instance, a branded line of accessories offers more than a variety of 60 contraptions to add to your rack. Some of these accessories include storage pegs, landmine attachment, lat machine pulldown, dip station, and a lot more.

Only remember to choose a squat rack with the right column thickness and hole spacing for your needs.


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