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Difference between water repellency and impermeability in technical sportswear

Water repellent fabric and waterproof fabric: two similar but not the same concepts You will surely have read, perhaps while you were looking for a waterproof and windproof jacket for men for cycling in a shop, the expressions “water repellent” or “waterproof” associated with a garment; these are two terms that have a similar but not the same meaning.

The waterproof fabric is in fact the one that more than any other resists water, rejecting it totally regardless of what may be its quantity and strength.

The water-repellent fabrics , on the other hand, are made up of fibers that are very close to each other that allow water to slide to the sides without penetrating inside: on the other hand, however, these fabrics are generally not able to counteract very strong and continuous rains.

In the laboratory, to establish whether a raw fabric is water-repellent or waterproof, a resistance test is then carried out with a water column: if the fabric is able to withstand a column of at least 0.8 bar it is defined as waterproof, otherwise it is classified as water-repellent .

Waterproof clothing: the advantages and disadvantages
If you are a sportsman and you need to make purchases, it is right that you first inform yourself well about the characteristics of the fabric with which these were made.

The waterproof garments are able to prevent water from passing inside thanks to their manufacturing: they are in fact made up of more than one layer of fabric, so that the water stops at a first layer and does not enter deeper; obviously these are microscopic layers.

Precisely for this reason, it may happen that a waterproof garment, such as a waterproof and windproof jacket for cycling men , can get very hot: to overcome this problem it is advisable to choose garments in polypropylene fiber, a fiber synthetic that has breathable properties.

It is also essential to check every part of the garment, especially if it is a jacket, to be sure that it is waterproof everywhere and not just in some places.

Water-repellent clothing: the advantages and disadvantages
Simply water-repellent and non-waterproof clothing items retain less body heat, and are therefore more popular in the summer and spring months.

The fabric is water repellent simply for the composition structure of the fibers, and not for the multiplicity of layers: this means that, in general, the garment is less heavy.

So the next time you Google men’s cycling gloves , don’t just think about the price but also think about the benefits that the products you want to buy can bring you, in this way with quality products you will be protected in all circumstances.